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St. Matthew’s United Church eBulletin Sept. 6, 2011

Georgie MacLennan
Joining St. Matthew’s
Upcoming Events

Georgie MacLennan
Funeral Services were held Aug. 27 for Georgie MacLennan, a member of St. Matthew’s for 59 years, an elder of the Kirk Session and life member of the UCW. Please continue to hold Bill, Dale, and Donna in your prayers

- A NOTE FOR ALL, ESPECIALLY PARENTS about our Sunday September 11th Service:
As you know, our Sunday School will begin again on Sunday September 11th.

This is also the tenth anniversary of the tragic events of this date in 2001, and so our service that morning will centre around a choral presentation of "The Armed Man - A Mass for Peace", and will be a service of reflection and prayer as we look both back and forward with neighbours around the globe.

The service will also include images alongside the choral music -- but I want to assure everyone that although some may be poignant or emotional in relation to the events of that day, there will be NO images used that evoke outright its violent horror.

I especially want to assure parents that the early part of our service, in which the children will be present, will happen wholly prior to ANY reference (either in word or image) to the specific events of that day. Although many of our older children have probably been told about 9/11,
the younger ones may not have been -- and I have no intention of talking about anything that might lead to bad dreams I wouldn't be around to calm. So that part of our service will centre completely on our ongoing trust in God's gift of peace and vision of justice and how we can choose to be lights of hope in the world -- after which the children will go to Sunday School, and we will continue the service.

I do look forward to seeing all the children soon!

- Year-end summaries for the Annual Report are due LAST WEEK! Please submit reports to Dora McGrath at the church office, either in person or by
e-mail, stmatts@ns.sympatico.ca

- A new edition of Kirk Spire will come out shortly. This communication needs input from individuals and committees. What do you want the congregation to know about the work you are doing? Contact Barbara Bickle, bbickle@ns.sympatico.ca

Joining St. Matthew’s
On Sunday, Sept. 4, Remi Anthony Omisade celebrated his baptised.
Donna Trafford, Antonina Omisade, Tokumbo Omisade and Judith McKay transferred their membership to St. Matthews and Jocelyn Covert renewed the faith proclaimed at the time of her baptism. Welcome to all to our family of faith.

Upcoming Events

September 9 – 8 pm
Fringe Festival – “The Gospel of Matthew”
A stunning virtuoso delivery of the greatest story ever told!
Acclaimed by critics and audiences in theatres and churches throughout the US, award-winning actor George Dillon presents an unforgettable vision of Jesus in his highly intense, very human and occasionally humorous solo staging of the first Gospel, with an original musical score and video background.
Short-listed for The Stage’s ‘Best Actor’ Award in Edinburgh, Dillon’s epic, impassioned performance portrays Jesus not as a meek and mild lamb to the slaughter but as a contemporary raging fighter for God.

September 11 – 10:30 am
On September 11 at 10:30 a.m., A Global Sing for Peace will take place, here at St. Matthew's. An anticipated choir of 50+ will present movements from Karl Jenkins' The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace. A Global Sing for Peace was created so that choirs from around the world can show their support of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, centered around the September 11, 2011 Lincoln Center performance of Karl Jenkins' The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace and René Clausen's Memorial. Choirs are asked to program either The Armed Man and/or Memorial (complete or excerpts) for a performance in their hometown venue during the month of September 2011. All performing ensembles who register will be listed in the official 9/11 concert program in Lincoln Center, New York City as well as on the www.GlobalSingforPeace.org website. St. Matthew's United Church Celebration Singers is listed on the website

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