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St. Matthew’s United Church eBulletin May 8, 2012

• St. Matthew’s Calendar
• Pennies put to good use
• Remember in your prayers ...
• Thanks to ...
• Support runners in Bluenose Marathon
• Organ recital May 30
• Research project: Hopewell Worldview Survey
• Camp Kidston Wish List
• In the community

St. Matthew’s Calendar
May 20 – Bluenose Marathon Sunday
May 27 – Kirk Session, Stewards, Official Board meetings
May 30 – Organ recital
June 10 – Congregational Budget Meeting

Pennies put to good use
The penny collection during Lent more than doubled the total from 2011. More than 13,000 coins totalling $314.60 were donated – that’s approximately 2 weeks of food for the Breakfast Program. The take included 229 rolls of pennies and 11 French francs, 25 Cuban pesos, 1 Netherlands guilder and 3.17 euros, all converted to Canadian funds. Thanks to all who donated coins and/or helped with the rolling.

Remember in your prayers ...
© Little Rachel Covert and her family as she recovers at home after heart surgery

Thanks to ...
© The painting volunteers who spruced up the sanctuary and other parts of the church in the last two weeks
© Everyone who helped with the Great St. Matthew’s Clean-up
© Members of Samba Nova, Circus Circle and the Out of the Cold Shelter for their assistance in the spring clean-up

Support runners in Bluenose Marathon
It’s not too late to support the St. Matthew’s running/walking team on Bluenose Marathon Sunday (May 20). They are raising money for the Mission and Service Fund. Go to www.bluenosemarathon.com and click on Scotiabank Group Charity Challenge in the right column. On the Welcome page, choose Option 2, “Sponsor a team of fundraisers”. On the Search page, enter “Matthew’s” in the team name. Donate.

Organ recital May 30
Remember Sarah Svendsen, our summer tour guide from a few years ago? Sarah recently performed a spectacular graduation recital for her Bachelor of Music degree from the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto. She has been the Organ Scholar at Metropolitan United in Toronto during her four-year degree program.

Sarah will be at St. Matthew’s on Wed., May 30 at 7:30 pm to play her recital. Please help publicize this concert to friends and musicians – a performance not to be missed. Proceeds from the concert will go toward a new piano in the sanctuary.

Research Project: Hopewell Worldview Survey
James Hopewell was a pastor, theologian and researcher who believed that people understand their lives in the form of “story” or narrative. These stories can be located within four different worldviews such as Canonic (tragic), Gnostic (comic), Charismatic (romantic) and Empiric (ironic). The idea is that these basic themes influence what we think of as “sacred” and how we interpret the meaning of our lives.

Rev. Linda Yates of St. John’s United, Halifax, is undertaking a research survey. If you are willing to do the online survey, you also may be asked to do a series of interviews with Linda about how you understand loss (you can always decline to participate, but if you are interested, the time and place would be at your convenience.) At the end of the project, Linda is hosting a Lunch-and-Learn in which all the worldviews are explored in a fun, informative way. At that time you will be given back your original test score. Whether you agree to do the interviews or not, you will still get your test results back and be invited to the Lunch-and-Learn to explore your Worldview. You can complete the survey online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/stmattsuc

Camp Kidston Wish List
Camp Kidston United Church Camp has a wish list of things needed for their camps this summer. The camp also takes Canadian Tire money. If you have any of these things in your basement, the camp would be happy to have them.

Karen Pearce (choir) will gladly accept donations brought to the church, or will arrange pick-up at your home. Alternatively, call Angela Falkenham, 835-2453, ange<atsymbol>ns.sympatico.ca for pick-up.

Wish List
· sailing rope – several 30-foot packages needed
· blue-and-white twine (by the roll at Canadian Tire and Home Hardware)
· hammer
· Redbird waterproof, strike-anywhere matches for out-trips
· water balloons, 1 x 500 count container per week
· life jackets, especially for smaller campers (<60 pounds) but all sizes welcome
· bongos, drums, tambourines, maracas, or other fun instruments
· 8 youth and/or children’s Bibles (for use during Christian Development)
· Christian development/ Bible/Prayer resources for planning of vespers, etc.
· battery-operated tea lights
· 2 soccer nets
· 3 hula hoops
· 2 basketballs
· 1 free-standing basketball net
· axe sharpening kit
· 2 balls for gaga ball (medium-sized bouncy-ball, from the dollar store, or similar)
· packing tape
· 4+ rolls of duct tape
· 30 glue sticks
· 30 pairs of scissors
· markers
· construction paper
· glow sticks
· paddle rack
· Band-aids, especially ones with fun children’s characters
· Tensor bandages
· movie projector screen
· buoys for marking the waterfront areas for games
· Spinal board
· Children’s Benadryl, Tylenol, Advil, and Gravol
· costumes, scarves/ bandanas and dress-up clothes
· antibacterial soap

Camp Kidston United Church camp – Volunteer first aid providers and chaplains needed for each week of summer camp. In appreciation one of your children can attend one week of camp for free. Contact Lillian Smithson, 435-6108, or smithsons<atsymbol>ns.sympatico.ca.

Tis a gift: Living with Simplicity

We have begun our journey along the path to a simpler lifestyle by decluttering our homes, workplaces, and other spaces where we spend time. Our finances can be downsized also. Last week we began by paying off outstanding balances on our credit cards and cancelling those with high interest rates, keeping two with lower rates for travel and emergency use. Tip 13: Make a list of your bank accounts and close those that you do not need. This will save on bank charges and simplify your accounting.

In the community

The Gondoliers – Truro (May 26) and Annapolis (June 2). Jolene Pattison from our congregation is a member of the cast performing this Gilbert & Sullivan favorite. Tickets: 492-0797 (Jolene) or Jolene.Pattison<at symbol>nscc.ca, or visit http://www.gandsnovascotia.ca

Port Wallis Lobster Supper – Sat., May 12, Port Wallis United Church, 263 Waverley Rd. Three sittings (4:30, 5:15 and 6 pm) and take-out available. Cost $20 lobster, $10 ham. Call 435-3644.

Fundraising at Edgewood-Oxford United Church
Sat., May 26, 4-6 pm, Lobster dinner. Advance ticket sales only, $25 eat in or take out. Call 455-0261.

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia – Thurs., May 17, 6 pm, Grand Parade


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