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Jan. 27, 2013 St. Matthew’s United Church eBulletin
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•  St. Matthew’s Calendar
•  Warm hands, warm hearts
•  Idle No More events of interest
•  Thinking about ...
•  Male singers’ workshop Feb. 2
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St. Matthew’s Calendar
Sun. Feb. 3 – Sunday worship 10:30 am

Warm hands, warm hearts
Many thanks to Fred Donaldson, the Board of Stewards, and all in the congregation whose hard work and support brought the new furnace to St. Matthew's last summer. This extreme cold snap has been its ultimate test – but everyone who uses our building (staff and congregation, user groups and Shelter guests, drop-ins and Circus Circle youth) has been wonderfully warm throughout. The building is now as welcoming and hospitable to all as we might hope, even on the coldest days. Good news!

Idle No More events of interest
“The challenge to all of us is to walk the road of justice and reconciliation.”
– United Church of Canada apology to First Nations for the legacy of the residential school system

Wed., Jan. 30, 1:30 pm – Live National Video Conference
Connecting youth, students, and others across the country interested in the Idle No More movement. Speakers include Wab Kinew, Tanya Kappo, Pamela Palmater, Taiaiake Alfred, Chief Isadore Day, Chief Leroy Denny, Shelley Young and Molly Peters. Organizers invite schools, universities, health centre, Friendship Centres, and other interested groups to join them in a virtual discussion. The live web stream ishttp://firstnationhelp.com/livestream for those who want to join from home.

Sun. Feb. 10, 6–7 pm – Learning from First Nations Peoples
Brunswick Street United Church, Halifax, will host this Sunday evening dialogue, which will include topics like the Apology to First Nations people, residential schools, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and Idle No More. Everyone is invited to participate. The facilitator will be Rev. Dr. Russ Daye from St. Andrew’s United Church. For information, call 817-2782 or email kevinlittle@ns.aliantzinc.ca

Thinking about ...

  • Cheryl Fraser, recovering from surgery at home


St. Matthew’s folks in the community
Nova Voce hosts male singers’ workshop Sat., Feb. 2, Faith Tabernacle (Summit / Windsor streets) – The workshop begins at 10 am and concludes with a 7 pm concert, “Boys to Men.” Young men from Annapolis Valley Honour Choir, Pictou District Honour Choir, and the Testostertones from the Dalhousie Health Professionals Chorale will join with the men of Nova Voce for a day of male-voice singing and camaraderie. This event is also open to any changed-voice male singers who are not members of the four choirs but wish to “come solo”.
            Singers will spend the day working with the conductors of the four choirs on pieces that will be performed at the concert, which will also feature each choir in individual sets. Registration ($15 per solo registrant) includes instruction for the day, use of music, and supper. Register at the Nova Voce website, www.novavoce.com, and send a message of interest to the director by Jan. 28 to book your spot at this fun, inspirational day of male singing.

The Roaring Girl – Feb. 20-24, Vile Passéist Theatre’s production, The Roaring Girl, atNeptune Scotiabank Studio Theatre. In order to convince his father to let him marry a poor widow’s daughter, a young Londoner publicly courts the cross-dressing, swearing, brawling beauty, Moll Cutpurse. Little does he know that this ridiculous match will inspire a chain of disguises, plots, skirmishes, and love-triangles, each more outrageous than the last! Featuring a memorable original score and a talented cast, including our own Jolene Pattison.

Runners United for Change – May 19, Bluenose Marathon weekend. The United Church’s Runners United for Change encourages church people to walk or run in one of the Bluenose Marathon races on Sunday, May 19 to raise money for the Mission and Service (M&S) Fund. There are four distances to choose from: 5 km, 10 km, 21.1 km (half marathon) and 42.2 km (full marathon). Participants ask friends, family and church members to sponsor them, with all donations going to M &S.
Last year several St. Matthew’s runners participated, and the Maritime Conference group raised $13,000; this year’s target is $15,000. If you are a novice, the team can help you get ready. You don’t have to run it all – alternate running and walking, or just walk. And it doesn’t matter how long you take, as long as you try! Take time for yourself, get in shape, and make a difference in the world – contact Keltie van Binsbergen, (902) 868-1990 or sjminister@eastlink.cafor more information or to get started on your running program.

Upcoming meetings at St. Matthew’s
Executive of Official Board – March 24, April 28
Session/ Stewards/ Board – March 3, May 26
Congregational meeting – June 2

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