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Dec. 22, 2013 – St. Matthew’s United Church eBulletin

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•  St. Matthew’s Advent and Christmas Calendar
•  Christmas hours for church office
•  The Anonymous Couple challenge: deadline Dec. 31
•  Bethlehem @ Barrington live nativity Dec. 24
•  Congratulations to ...
•  Thanks to ...
•  Church calendars available
•  Sharing the warmth of the season
•  Meeting schedule for 2014
•  Poinsettias

St. Matthew’s Advent and Christmas Calendar
Dec. 24 – Christmas Eve
Bethlehem@Barrington live nativity service, 6:30 pm  
Christmas candlelight communion, 10 pm     
Dec. 25 – Christmas
Christmas morning carol service, 10:30 am
Dec. 29 – Christmas Sunday service, 10:30 am
Jan. 5 – Epiphany
Epiphany Communion Service, 10:30 am

Christmas hours for church office
The church office will be closed until Jan. 6. Telephone messages will be retrieved each day. In the case of a pastoral emergency, please call 423-9209 or 453-9471.

The Anonymous Couple challenge: deadline Dec. 31
The Anonymous Couple are challenging the congregation to increase givings again this year. They will match special donations contributed by the end of 2013 that are marked “Anonymous Couple Campaign”, up to a total of $10,000. The Stewards hope you will respond positively to this gracious offer.

Bethlehem @ Barrington live nativity service
All are invited to attend Bethlehem@Barrington live nativity service Dec. 24 at 6:30 pm in the sanctuary. This is a lively and spirit-filled celebration of the Nativity for all ages, with the traditional story acted and sung to contemporary hit tunes, with a band, a live donkey, and the drums of Samba Nova. Tia Maria, the donkey, and her friends The Sheep are excited to join us again this year.

Congratulations to ...
Jocelyn and Tim Covert on the safe arrival of Iris Marjorie and Camille (Millie) Katharine, sisters for Anna and Rachel

Thanks to ...
Ÿ Wayne Rogers and the members of the St. Matthew’s Choir and AcabellA Handbell Choir for their musical leadership during Sunday’s worship service

Ÿ Everyone who made Sunday’s Christmas Breakfast possible – team leaders Jeff Kirby, Barry Smith, Shannon Black, Michelle Jensen, Carol Abbott, Eric Chaytor, Carolyn Jarock, and Carol Smillie; the breakfast shoppers John and Karen Pearce, Janet Copeland, and Bill Colpitts; all who gave white gifts and made cookies; and all who helped with wrapping, serving and carol singing.

Church Calendars
Church calendars are available from the church office at a cost of $6.

Sharing the warmth of the season at St. Matthew’s
Hats, mitts and scarves – Warm hats, mitts, and scarves are always welcome for guests of the Out of the Cold Shelter and Sunday Breakfast. If you are knit or crochet and looking for a project, consider these!

Hanging stockings on the mantel – All are invited to bring warm socks to ‘hang on the mantel’ that will be at the door of the church. These socks are brought to Phoenix Shelter for Youth to keep residents’ feet warm during the winter.

Meeting schedule for 2014
All meetings are held after the Sunday service
Congregational meetings – June 8
Session/Stewards/Board – Feb. 23, June 1
Executive of Official Board – Jan. 26, Mar. 30, Apr. 27

Thank you to all who placed poinsettias in the sanctuary this year. Many were delivered to shut-ins with good wishes from the congregation for a blessed Christmas. The flowers (placed by friends and loved ones) remind us of:

Stewart Anderson (Joyce Anderson)
Douglas and Emma Arklie (Margaret Arklie)
Joan Arklie (Margaret Arklie)
Jean Gregory, Phyllis Mitchell, and other deceased choir members (Molly Austen)
Marjorie and Wilfrid Bent (Greg Bent)
Olive and Frank Cox (Avon Cox)
Jean Margaret Fraser (Lynn Fraser and Bill Colpitts)
Wendell and Margaret Colpitts (Lynn Fraser and Bill Colpitts)
Bob Hattie (sisters Joan MacKinnon, Jean Hattie and Judy Cowan)
Rudd and Betty Hattie (daughters Joan MacKinnon, Jean Hattie and Judy Cowan)
Robert Detcher (Mary Rose and Robbie Detcher)
Jean and Dr. Daniel M. Grant (Jim Grant)
Owen Innes and Kelly Innes-Westhaver (Marion Innes)
Knud and Birgit Jensen (Michelle and Jan Jensen)
David and Alice Henn (Michelle and Jan Jensen)
Robert, Margaret and Laura Love( Michelle and Jan Jensen)
Robert and Mabel Kent (Gordon and Sue Kent)
Reginald and Dorothy MacKay (Gordon and Sue Kent)
Georgie MacLennan (Bill MacLennan, Dale and Donna and family)
Mt. and Mrs. George MacDonald (Bill MacLennan)
Barbara MacDonald Campbell (Bill MacLennan)
Mr. and Mrs. R.M. MacLennan (Bill MacLennan and family)
Susan Millard (Dora McGrath)
Donald and Betty McInnes (Shirley and Stewart McInnes)
Robert Bowness (Shirley and Stewart McInnes)
Helga Mills’ daughter,  Naomi, who died 25 years ago (Helga and Bob Mills)
D.C.F. Moors and Marjorie Moors (Ken Moors)
Rev. Bill “Fleet” Matthews (The Moors family)
Mrs. Florence Caddell (The Moors family)
Robert M. “Bob” Murray (The Moors family)
Rev. David C.I. Morgan (David and Jean Morgan)
Carl and Nancy Bowers (David and Jean Morgan)
Norman and Betty Gregory (David and Jean Morgan)
Jean and Doug Hemeon (Jill Rafuse)
Isabel and Chester Rafuse (Jill Rafuse)
Don and Marjorie Moors (Dora Stinson)
Johnnie (Margaret) Thompson (Dora Stinson)
Parents Bill and Irene Partridge (Carol Smillie)
Brother Bill Partridge (Carol Smillie)
Howard Wallace (John and Brenda Wallace)
Dorothy and Irwin Morgan (John and Brenda Wallace)
Helen Bowers and Walter Bowers (John and Brenda Wallace)
Frank and Laura Wellard (Hilary Wellard)
Hazel and Milton Worthen (Janice Worthen)
The many staff and volunteers who keep St. Matthew’s active (John and Rev. Karen Pearce)

Church office: stmatts@ns.sympatico.ca, 423-9209
Pastoral care: Rev. Betsy Hogan, 423-9209
Sunday Free Breakfast: 8:30–9:30 am
Sunday Worship: 10:30 am
Minister of Music: Wayne Rogers, 429-1680
Choir rehearsals on Thursday: AcabellA Handbell Choir 6:15 pm, Choir 7:30 pm
Lunch Bunch Community Choir: Fridays at 12 noon September–June
On the web: www.stmatts.ns.ca