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These documents are all in Adobe Acrobat format; if you don't already have it, you will need to download a copy of the free reader from Adobe. You can get it here:

The Tender Contract for St. Matthews 1858
Losing Their Maiden Names History Vignette
Music at St. Matt's History Vignette
Royal Opportunity History Vignette
Second World War History Vignette
St. Matts in WWII - Other stories History Vignette
The Comfortable Pew History Vignette
The North British Society History Vignette
The Church Hall
Evelyn Peckham
George Cluett
Role of the Organ
George Monro Grant 1
George Monro Grant 2
George Monro Grant 3
George Monro Grant 4
George Monro Grant 5
Organists of St. Matthew's
Old Burying Ground
Financing St. Matthew's
The Fire and the New Building
Joining the United Church of Canada
The Treaty of Peace
Debts or Trespasses?