Community Life

St. Matthew’s community includes not only the congregation but also friends of St. Matthew’s, whose lives may not include Sunday Services, but who desire to make a meaningful contribution to life in the downtown core by connecting with St. Matthew’s activities. We would be much less without the presence of those who volunteer for Breakfast Teams or the Shelter, without our neighbours who enjoy the Lunch Bunch, and without the enthusiastic participation of Samba Nova in our annual Bethlehem @ Barrington Live Nativity service on Christmas Eve.

Apart from our WORSHIP and MUSIC programs and our OUTREACH programs, here are some other regular activities at St. Matthew’s. You can find upcoming dates on our CALENDAR.

  • Weekly Sunday School: Nursery to Teens, Sunday Mornings at 10:30am during the school year
  • Weekly Bible Study: Thursdays at Noon during the school year
  • St. Matthew’s Book Club: Monthly Tuesdays, 2pm (generally off-site)
  • Women’s Breakfast: Bi-Monthly Saturdays, 8:30am at Smitty’s on Spring Garden @ Martello