St. Matthew’s United Church


How the work of the church happens at St. Matthew’s!

As disciples of Jesus, whose mission was grounded in ordinary daily life, we believe that our faith is part of every decision we make, whether about “spiritual” issues or about “worldly” issues.

Like many United Churches, the congregation of St. Matthew’s entrusts the support of its work to two groups of people, nominated and elected by the congregation: the Kirk Session and the Committee of Stewards. Stewards’ Counting Schedule Together with the Trustees, to whom are entrusted the management of the assets of the congregation, the Ministry and Personnel Committee, who are the liaison and support to staff, and the Representatives to the Region, who keep us informed of the work of the wider church, they form the Official Board.

The Kirk Session

Clerk of the Kirk Session: Ken Moors -
The Kirk Session has oversight of the spiritual life of the congregation: its worship, rites (baptism, communion, marriage, funerals), music, faith formation for all ages, outreach, membership, publicity, and fellowship. These are the Elders of the congregation ~ called elders not because of their age, but because the congregation has discerned in them a wisdom and grace which they share to the benefit of the congregation.

The Kirk Session meets quarterly. Support of the congregation's worship gatherings is overseen by the Worship and Music Committee. Sunday Breakfast is overseen by the Team Leaders, Sunday School by its teachers, Publicity by the Publicity Committee, and the EarthSpiritAction Team promotes and advocates for environmental awareness and action on Climate Change. 

The Committee of Stewards 

Chair of the Committee of Stewards: Greg Bent -
The Committee of Stewards has oversight of the stewardship of the resources of the congregation: its finances and property, its fundraising and stewardship education. These are the Stewards of the congregation, who share with the congregation their gift of faithful and prayerful management of our resources.

The Stewards meet quarterly. Management of our property is overseen by the Property Chair, and the Congregational Treasurer and Trustees oversee the management of financial resources. A professional audit is conducted annually.

The Official Board 

Chair of the Official Board: Tim Matthews -
The Official Board meets quarterly, receiving the reports of its committees and acting as necessary on their recommendations. The Ministry and Personnel Committee reports directly to the Official Board, and is responsible for oversight of clergy and staff, and sustaining just employment practices.