St. Matthew's United Church invites proposals for redevelopment of our property in downtown Halifax.

We are interested in facilitating a project that would

  • serve the public good
  • be a positive legacy to the City
  • incorporate the historic sanctuary building (to be available for continued congregational purposes as well as other purposes)
  • be self-sustaining

We are ready to contribute to this project

  • our land for longterm use
  • restoration and eco-retrofit of the historic sanctuary for incorporation into a new build

We neither need nor expect

  • to receive income from this project
  • to oversee management of a new build

We want to hear from you! Email with your ideas or hopes.

Suggestions received by May 18, 2022, will help inform decisions of the congregation's Legacy Committee.

Our property is not large, and its possibilities for development are limited by its location. But we hope that offering our land for longterm use, with no expectation of income in return, may make possible a self-sustaining project by an innovative partner that would serve the public good. The historic sanctuary building is a fine performance space, already fully accessible to Barrington Street. It could anchor a museum or an arts complex including housing for musicians or artists, but it could also be refitted to serve as community space within a small-scale residential build offering supported and accessible housing. We hope to provide the opportunity for a project that will serve the public good to find a home in the downtown core.