Mission and Service Fund

The Mission and Service Fund is the way in which our congregation ~ together with other United Churches across Canada ~ is able to support the wider mission of the church both here at home and around the world.

This is our faith in action!

The money in the Mission and Service Fund (about 30 million dollars annually) is spent in hundreds of different ways. Some of the money supports congregations, programs, and new church development both in Canada and overseas. Some of the money is spent in outreach programs in Canadian innercity cores; some on international relief and development programs in 37 countries; some to train ministers; some to maintain ecumenical relationships; some to administer the work of the church.

Supporters of the Mission and Service Fund want to give their gifts to support work that reflects their values and beliefs. The United Church’s Mission and Service Fund works with partners in Canada and internationally to ensure that needs are assessed quickly and accurately, that responses are immediate, and that ongoing support helps prevent problems from recurring.

Because of the Mission and Service Fund, the United Church is able to quickly respond to emergency situations without waiting for media appeals to create interest in them. Working with reliable trusted partners in Canada and in 37 countries means that less money is spent coordinating and delivering aid and more money goes where it is needed.

For more information on the work of the Mission and Service Fund, on the Canadian and Global Outreach programs it supports, or on becoming one of the United Church’s Overseas Workers, please check the website of the United Church: United Church of Canada.