Challenges for Lent 2022, March 21-27

1    Cut back on food waste. 

Here is the blurb about how to make vegetable broth from peels. 
Keep a zip lock bag in your freezer. When you peel vegetables put the peels in the bag. When it gets full, place the peels in a pressure cooker and cover them with water. Bring to pressure and leave for 20 minutes.  Strain and store in containers in the freezer for making soups or stews. You can freeze some liquid in ice cube trays and add a couple of cubes to gravies and sauces. 

2.    Help save our forests and avoid more chemical pollution.
Look for bamboo toilet paper. Bamboo is fast growing and easily sustainable. No other trees were felled to make the paper. It is available now at Superstore in a box rather than wrapped in plastic. You can get it unbleached as well as bleached.  Other stores may be carrying it as well.

3.    Start a conversation with a friend or family member about caring for God’s creation.  Centre it on a common interest such as bird watching, walks in nature, gardening, food, drinking water.  Check out the upcoming Good Tidings for further details.