Charities that Support the Environment


United Church of Canada Gifts with Vision - Environmental Fund

Past Moderator Mardi Tindal made the inaugural Gift that established the Foundation’s Environmental Fund. This fund will support programs and projects that put into action the line from our Creed: “to live with respect in Creation.” Your Gifts in 2019–2020 will support future environmental stewardship.


Trees Canada

We are the only national non-profit organization dedicated to planting and nurturing trees in rural and urban environments. Through our programs, research and educational efforts, we have helped restore tree cover in areas hit by natural disasters, guided communities in managing their urban forests, helped green 660 schoolyards and organized urban forest conferences. To date, with our community partners and sponsors, we have planted more that 82 million trees.


World Wildlife Fund

            For nearly 60 years, WWF has worked to help people and nature thrive. As the world’s leading     conservation organization, WWF works in nearly 100 countries. At every level, we collaborate   with people around the world to develop and deliver innovative solutions that protect        communities, wildlife, and the places in which they live.



            Friends of the Earth

            Friends of the Earth provides a voice for the environment, nationally and internationally, working   with others to inspire the renewal of our communities and the earth, through research, education           and advocacy. Friends of the Earth Canada (FoE) has grown from a small group of volunteers in          1978 to one of the country’s most important voices speaking out on environmental issues. We are     affiliated with the world’s largest grassroots environmental network Friends of the Earth      International which has 75 national member groups and some 5,000 local activist groups on         every continent.



            Ecology Action Centre

            A society in Nova Scotia that respects and protects nature and provides environmentally and        economically sustainable solutions for its citizens. EAC is an independent organization that      strives to work with partners to provide up-to-date environmental information, pursue researched            solutions; and act as a watch-dog for the Nova Scotia environment.



            Nature Conservancy of Canada

            The Nature Conservancy of Canada leads and inspires everyone to join us in creating a legacy     for future generations by conserving important natural areas and biological diversity across all        regions of Canada. While respecting nature's processes, we manage lands and waters for their       natural values today and for the long term. We believe future generations deserve to inherit a     biologically rich world.



            Eco Trust Canada

            Ecotrust Canada works with rural, remote and Indigenous communities toward building an            economy that provides for a healthy and resilient natural environment; sustainable and abundant           energy, food, and housing; prosperous and meaningful livelihoods; and vibrant cultures and inclusive societies. 



                Nova Scotia Nature Trust

            The Nova Scotia Nature Trust was created to protect and conserve our province’s incredible         natural legacy. We work directly to save outstanding natural areas, through land conservation. We use a strategic, science-driven approach to identify and protect the most threatened, unique and significant natural areas. Together, with landowners, local communities, other conservation organizations and government we protect and steward wild places. We       protect land in perpetuity, for nature and future    generations to enjoy. The Nature Trust protects over 14,000 acres of land across Nova Scotia. These conservation lands will be protected —   forever.



            Sierra Club Canada

            At its heart, Sierra Club Canada Foundation is a grassroots organization with a  “think globally,     act locally” philosophy. Members are encouraged to actively contribute to environmental causes        that engage or inspire them, in a capacity that best suits their capabilities. Working with a strong         volunteer base and collaboratively with other organizations has allowed          Sierra Club Canada       Foundation to successfully engage in a range of environmental activities that directly benefit both