Elmridge Farm Ltd.           

  • a third-generation farm in the Annapolis Valley
  • owned and operated by Greg and Suzanne Gerrits, two children, Gillian and James, and a dedicated team of local and international farm workers
  • grow a wide variety of fresh-market vegetables and fruits
  • many items are organic as the farm uses compost and green manure as the main source of fertilizer. Have reduced conventional pesticide use by 95%
  • can purchase at various locations including the Halifax Forum and Seaport farmers’ markets on Saturday
  • can order online at onlinemarket@elmridgefarm.com with order pick-up at the Forum and Seaport market locations on Saturdays.
  • on Wednesdays from June to December, on-line orders can be picked up at the Forum and a booth with fresh produce allows for shopping
  • also offer home delivery in Halifax


Local Source Market (LSM)

  • a farm-fresh green grocer and bakery
  • two locations in Halifax: 2530 Agricola Street and 2790 Windsor Street
  • open 6 days a week
  • LSM encourages participation in the local food economy by purveying fresh seasonal farm goods
  • -has fully operational peanut-free and GM-free bakery offering sour dough, vegan, and no-gluten products including bread, cookies, cinnamon, buns, muffins, scones, and cakes


Noggins Corner Farm Market

  • a century before Canada became a country, the Bishop family founded what would become one of the oldest farms along the banks of the Cornwallis Rover in the Annapolis Valley
  • locations for produce, meats, and other local products are available at several locations:
    • Noggins Corner Store, Greenwich, Annapolis Valley
    • Santé Centre Market, 50 Gary Martin Drive, Bedford
    • O’Bees Food Market at the former Alderney Landing at the bottom of Ochterloney Drive in Dartmouth
    • Noggins Store on the corner of Coburg and Seymour Streets, Halifax
    • Halifax Forum Farmers’ Market
    • Seaport Farmers’ Market, Pier 22 Pavilion, 1209 Marginal Road
  • offers on-line shopping for pick-up at various sites





Osprey Butcher Shops (formerly Getaway Farms)   Website: ospreyroot.ca

  • a small-scale butchery and other goods
  • located in the Hydrostone on Young Street and on Oxford Street
  • locally-sourced humanely-raised meat including grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, pasture-raised pork and lamb
  • sausages made in-house
  • meats from Millen Farm, Great Village
  • practice whole-animal butchery meaning they receive the whole animal and use as much as they can


Tap Root Farms      Website: taprootfarms.ca

  • most established organic heritage in Nova Scotia, growing food since 2004
  • farm owned by Patricia Bishop and John Oulton who purchased the organic farm in 2007. Their three children, Isaac, Lily, and Frank, help
  • produce is 70% organic
  • is a regenerative farm using methods that regenerates topsoil, rejects pesticides and artificial fertilizer
  • is a agroecological farm as they work with solutions that conserve above and below biodiversity in the soil
  • is a carbon farm, using a variety of farming methods that sequesters atmospheric carbon into the soil. The sequestering aids plant growth, increases soil organic matter, improves soil water retention, and reduced fertilizer use
  • their meats and produce are available at the Noggins locations, Local Source as well as CSA orders are available at info@taprootfarms.ca


Wild Pasture Farm             Website: www.wildpasturefarm.net

  • owned by Susan and Fabian Hamilton, a young couple farming in Lower Onslow since 2014
  • farm in a way that is good for the environment and produces healthy, nourishing food
  • also allows animals to express their natural behaviours and to enjoy a full life
  • raise grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork, turkeys, eggs, and chicken
  • food available at the Truro Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning, open at Farm on Fridays from 1:00-6:00
  • also have a drop-off in Dartmouth at Alderney Landing once a month