Lenten Tips for Living with Respect in Creation
              -  Margaret Machum

On behalf of the St Matthew’s Earth Spirit Action Group, I have provided weekly tips for lifestyle change during Lent. I hope that you have found these practices meaningful.

In week 1, I invited you to join me in GIVING ATTENTION to our lives with practices that Give Space and Time, Give Thanks, Give Awareness, Give Thoughtfulness, Give Change. and Give Life.

During this Lenten season, we have been looking at the choices we make as we go about our lives. Over the last 200 years, humanity has ravaged the Earth in the name of progress and a better life. As a result, God’s creation is grieving. It is time for this generation to promote change and to move from the consumerism society we have created to find simpler lifestyles.

“Tis A Gift. Lenten Tip Week Seven: Give Sustainability
One way to start is to decrease what we purchase and downsize what we own in order to diminish our impact on our planet. Remember these three D’s as we move from Lent to Easter. Give sustainability.