Lenten Tips for Living with Respect in Creation

                                                                                                      -  Margaret Machum



On behalf of the St Matthew’s Earth Spirit Action Group, I have been providing weekly tips for lifestyle change during Lent. I hope that you are finding that these practices are proving positive in this Lenten Season.


In week 1, I invited you to join me in GIVING ATTENTION to our lives with practices that Give Space and Time, Give Thanks, and Give Awareness to help us on our journey to discover ways of Living with Respect in Creation. In the past two weeks, the tips prompted us to Give Thoughtfulness and to Give Change.


During this Lenten season, we have been looking at the choices we make as we go about our lives. Some choices are made for Love while others are made for Greed. Some are important for the well-being of ourselves and those we love while other lifestyle choices have a negative impact on us, the ones around us, or on the Earth.


“Tis A Gift. Lenten Tip Week Six: Give Life

As you continue to ponder these things, consider how you feel about your choices and whether there is a need for change. Do you have a sense that things could be better?  Are there things you could do to promote a more sustainable way of living? Give life.