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  • Calendar and Events
  • How St. Matthew’s weathered the weather
  • Thanks to Anonymous Couple campaign supporters
  • Minute for St. Matthew’s Mission: Ushering and Fellowship
  • Thank you to …
  • St. Matthew’s Book Club
  • Need a new calendar for 2018?
  • Out of the Cold Shelter – Thursday suppers NEW**
  • In the Community

St. Matthew’s Calendar and Events

  • Thu. Jan. 11 – 12 noon, Bible study resumes in the parlour
  • Sun. Jan. 14 – 10:30 am, worship service
  • Tue. Jan. 16 – 2 pm, St. Matthew’s Book Club, 703—1470 Summer St.
  • Wed. Jan. 17 – 5:30 pm, Potluck Church in the sanctuary
  • Thu. Jan. 18 – 6 pm, Cooking for the Out of the Cold Shelter, church kitchen

How St. Matthew’s weathered the weather

The windstorm and winter weather has had some repercussions at St. Matthew’s. In addition to losing power when downtown Halifax blacked out last Thursday, the church lost pieces of metal flashing as high winds buffeted the roof. The risk of falling debris forced closure of the Out of the Cold Shelter and the lower hall. Roofers will be at the church this week to assess the damage and make repairs.

Luckily, the Out of the Cold Shelter was able to be relocated in the North End for a few days. It is expected to return to St. Matthew’s early this week.

Sunday Breakfast was served, although guests had to come in via the sanctuary as the lawns on both sides of the church were off-limits. Sunday worship was also able to proceed.

Thanks to all, including councillor Waye Mason, who ensured that those who sought shelter from the cold were able to stay warm. Everyone’s safety was the top consideration.

Thanks to Anonymous Couple campaign supporters

Thanks to all who supported the Anonymous Couple campaign during December. The final numbers will be reported shortly, but it looks pretty good. The Anonymous Couple offered to match up to $15,000 in unpledged givings at year-end—a generous gesture that greatly benefits the work of the church. The Anonymous Couple has been a year-end tradition at St. Matthew’s since 2010!

Minute for St. Matthew’s Mission: Fellowship and ushering

Have you ever wondered how the ushers and Fellowship time hosts are arranged for each week?

For quite a while these duties have mostly rotated around the members of various committees. But before that, they were actually committees themselves. The Ushers, who rotated that duty, greeted at the door on Sunday mornings. And The United Church Women, who looked after Fellowship time each week, presided over the Church Kitchen with firmness of purpose and unwavering gentility.

But times have changed. Many of us get to church as often as we can, and for many that’s not week-after-week-after-week. When we’re here, what we really want is just to be here—to be able to focus on the service, taking this one sacred hour in the midst of a busy week.

Those on whom ushering and Fellowship hosting falls (quite regularly, at present) are also yearning for that chance to just focus on the service now and then—and not always to have an extra duty. This past fall we began the process of involving anyone who is physically able in the duties of ushering and hosting Fellowship time. With a rotation that includes everyone, none of us would have to do these things very often. It would just be a few times a year. And that would make quite a bit of difference for everyone.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be talking more about this: about shifting to an everyone-rotation for these two weekly duties. It’s a good way to share the very basic tasks that make a service happen—“doing our bit”, as it were.

Thank you to ….

  • Matthew Fraser, organ/piano, and Hunter Haché, trumpet, Halifax Grammar School classmates, for their musical leadership on Sunday morning. Wayne Rogers is on vacation, although (sadly) not in sunny Mexico, as his departure flight was affected by the storm.

St. Matthew’s Book Club

The next meeting is Tue. Jan. 16 at 2 pm at Linda Campbell’s apartment, #703—1470 Summer Street. The book for discussion is Small Wars by Sadie Jones.

Need a new calendar for 2018?

Canadian church calendars ($5) are available in the office or from Marg Arklie in the choir.

Out of the Cold Shelter – Thursday suppers NEW**

Thursday suppers – All are invited to support the Out of the Cold Shelter by providing a hot supper for guests as they arrive. If you are interested in either of the following options, please speak to Betsy or Jean Hattie.

  • Cooking in – On every second Thursday (Jan. 18, Feb. 1 & 15, Mar. 1, 15 & 29), volunteers are invited to meet in the church kitchen at 6 pm to prepare a hot supper together. This should take an hour, and we will leave it baking/warming in the kitchen for Shelter volunteers to serve.
  • Make at home – On alternate Thursdays (Jan. 11 & 25, Feb. 8 & 22, Mar. 8 & 22), Jean Hattie is inviting volunteers to sign up to make an assigned casserole (recipe provided) and bring it to the church in the early evening. Casseroles will be kept warm until served by Shelter volunteers.

Sandwiches – Each Thursday members of the congregation also make sandwiches for the Shelter. See Jean Hattie if you can help during February or March.

Financial support – St. Matthew`s provides space, heat, lights, washroom facilities, etc. for overnight guests, and during Extreme Cold Weather openings. Your donations to St. Matthew`s help cover these operating costs.

In the Community

Bereavement Support – Bereavement counselling is offered every Saturday from 10–11:30 a.m. at the temporary offices of Halifax Hospice, 1471 Carlton St, near the Just Us! Coffee location on Spring Garden Road. Anyone is welcome on a drop-in basis; there is no need to sign up. Sessions are peer-led, with counsellors present to help guide discussion as the participants desire. If you are interested in a bereavement support group but cannot attend on Saturday mornings, call the Hospice Society of Greater Halifax at 902-446-0929.

St. Matthew’s Activities


  • Sunday Free Breakfast – Sundays 8 am (If you are interested in joining a Breakfast Team, please email Carol Smillie at carolsmillie@hfx.eastlink.ca)
  • Caritas Service – Second Sunday at 2 pm for Victoria Hall Residence for Senior Women, now at the Caritas Building, Mount St. Vincent
  • Melville Heights Service – Second Sunday at 2 pm at Melville Heights retirement lodge
  • Choirs Practice on Thursdays – Handbells at 6:15 pm, Church Choir 7:30 pm
  • Daytime Bible Study – Thursdays at noon, church parlour
  • St. Matthew’s Book Club – Second Tuesday in the afternoon, private homes
  • Lunch Bunch Choir – Fridays at noon
  • Potluck Church – Wed. Jan. 17, 2018; Thu. Mar 29, 2018 (Seder)


All meetings are held after the Sunday service. Bring a lunch! Clerk of Session Dr. Dora Stinson encourages everyone involved in these quarterly meetings to note the dates in their calendars.

Kirk Session/Stewards/Official Board Mar. 18, June 3

Executive of Official Board Jan. 21, Feb. 18, Apr. 22, May 20

Worship and Music Committee TBA

Congregational Meeting (budget) June 10

Administrative Stuff

Church office: stmatts@ns.sympatico.ca or (902) 423-9209

Pastoral care: Rev. Betsy Hogan, (902) 423-9209, stmatts.betsy@ns.sympatico.ca

Sunday Worship: 10:30 am

Minister of Music: Wayne Rogers, (902) 429-1680, humber@ns.sympatico.ca

On the web: www.stmatts.ns.ca

Enjoy St. Matthew’s United Church weekly bulletin. Contact the office to add your email or to unsubscribe: stmatts@ns.sympatico.ca or (902) 423-9209