A mourning of war (Rev. Dr. Hal Llewellyn)

(read at the conclusion of the sermon, Sunday February 27 2022)

sleepless waking in the night
from haunting 
 media laden images of

the overreach of
tyrannical greed
for more 
unsparing of those who
powerlessly wait and watch

a world
void of compassion
makes right and might
its measure of justice 
and life

and so
gun shells tear through
bedrooms where
child and mother seek
refuge and rest
fearful that neither is near

Great Spirit of Peace
the woes of
the innocent echo
through the madness of 
leaders without mercy
joining the chorus of angels
in distress

 we pray in spirit
with the One who knew
state’s deathly force
that heaven’s will
may be ours
that we may heed
the Christly admonition 
“those who live by the sword 
die by the same.”

Divine Spirit
of compassion
breath through your 
dust once again
recreate us in Your image
so that the Cainish urge
to kill the other
may be banished
from the earth

from distant shores
we rush to
prayers for Spirit infusion
in the chaos of war
that those who 
shelter in the fear of death
may find
deliverance and peace
 that men with guns and greed
may finally come to their senses
and return home

Creator of Life
may it be so